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Loans/ Financing

Buying a business is a big step and a lot of things need to be taken in to consideration. Among them the most significant item is how to pay for the purchase. Fortunately to a buyer, there are many choices at their disposal.

  • Pay in cash
  • Secure a loan with favorable terms. Traditional funding though banks require collateral loan guarantees. After that the most popular and most used source is SBA funding. A federal loan program created to encourage entrepreneurship to make the dream come true of creating their own destiny. Though one has to follow very stringent guidelines set by Small Business Administration, it is most frequently used.
  • Tapping in to existing retirement programs like a 401k. Since 2003, over 12,000 new businesses have been funded using tax-deferred retirement money.

Meeting with a SBA approved lender can prequalify a Buyer based on their credit worthiness and financial strength strategically matched with the cash flow of the business.

Over the years, we had the privilege to work with a number of reputable financial institutions who have mastered the procedure to consummate the transaction in an efficient and short manner.

Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC does not extend loan services. However, over the years we have developed relationships with financial institutions who met the needs of our clients in securing loans. Up on request we may be able to provide referrals to various loan sources to meet the specific needs. Call 303-359-7868

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