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Commercial Real Estate

Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC has built success reputation on our team’s ability to help clients to identify and capitalize on opportunities the market offers. Whether it is helping a buyer to identify the best property to match their investment goals or assisting a seller to enhance the maximum value through a strategic sales process. Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC has developed methods to enhancing value through creative financing vehicles and deal structuring. Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC, offers the experience and expertise necessary for our clients to maximize their real estate holdings.

Our focus is simple – we leverage the market using our team’s experience and knowledge in order to create value and return for investors. The potential purchase of an investment property is carefully analyzed by our leasing experts for input on competition and demand trends, while our property managers and engineers review the physical structure and systems to uncover potential capital requirements. And our financial analysts perform the detailed financial modeling needed to secure favorable underwriting of the transaction.

The same team approach holds true for any disposition assignment. The Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC team works closely together to recommend improvements that will create value eliminate concerns that could result in re-trades, and develops marketing materials that present the asset in its best light. The investment opportunity is then presented to a carefully targeted group of potential buyers with a proven appetite for similar investments. This strategic approach results in reduced time frames and maximized value for our clients. From entrepreneurial investors and 1031 tax-exchange buyers to institutional owners and foreign capital sources, Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC offers a successful track record helping clients acquire, finance, and divest of income-producing real estate assets.

Tenant Representation Services

Companies of all sizes that lease commercial space turn to Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC to help them get the most from their real estate assets. Serving as their exclusive representative, we help our tenant clients determine their specific needs, analyze the market for properties that work for them, and then help negotiate a lease that minimizes costs and liability while maximizing flexibility and tenant rights.

As a real estate advocate, our professionals provide the “real time” market information needed to uncover all potential options and recommend an optimum real estate solution. But before entering the market and touring space, we first build client consensus regarding their financial, operational, and image requirements and help manage the space planning process.

We also leverage our knowledge of various buildings’ investment structures, lender involvement, and our relationships with area landlords to craft a customized negotiating strategy that will achieve our client’s goals. Only then to we begin focusing on the select group of building alternatives that can meet our client’s objectives – we have found this approach reduces the project time frame while maximizing negotiating leverage.

Using specialized financial tools to develop “apples to apples” comparisons of each alternative’s impact on the bottom line, we then make a recommendation and help negotiate and document the lease. Going forward, Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC’s tenant broker experts help our clients further maximize their real estate by assisting in the build-out construction and/or move management, and provide ongoing services such as expense reviews, building ownership and market studies, and much more

Due Diligence Investigation

A KEY element to successfully investing in commercial or industrial real estate is performing an adequate Due Diligence Investigation prior to becoming legally bound to acquire the property. An adequate Due Diligence Investigation will assure awareness of all material facts relevant to the intended use or disposition of the property after closing.

Conducting an effective Due Diligence Investigation in a commercial or industrial real estate transaction to discover all material facts and conditions affecting the Property and the transaction is of critical importance. Unlike owner occupied residential real estate, when a house can nearly always be occupied as the purchaser’s home, commercial and industrial real estate acquired for business use or for investment is impacted by numerous factors that may limit its use and value. The existence of these factors and their impact on a Purchaser’s ability to use the Property as intended can only be discovered through diligent and focused investigation and attention to detail.

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