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Business Evaluation

The first step to marketing your business is to determine the best most realistic price. This may involve planning for a future sale or determining the best achievable price to list your business today. This also lays the groundwork for effectively presenting your business to qualified buyers. As the seller of a company, you will need to gather all pertinent financial records and provide a comprehensive company background to assist with the valuation process.

Many entrepreneurs spend their productive years in building the business brick by brick, plank by plank. Long sleepless hours are spent agonizing over details to make the business get off the ground. Most entrepreneurs never give enough consideration to getting out of what they spent their time bringing their dream to reality. To most, it is priceless because their own sweat and blood cannot be quantified in a price. However, at some point, a price must be determined.

Most accomplished professionals value a business valuation based on the financials (the number-crunching), and based on non-financial information (the subjective factors). The subjective factors are commonly called “SWOT”. It is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – the primary factors that make up the subjective, or non-financial, analysis.

Industry Status

A company's value increases when its associated industry is expanding, and its value decreases in any of the following situations:

  • Its industry is constantly fighting technical obsolescence.
  • Its industry involves a commodity subject to ongoing price wars.
  • Its industry is severely impacted by foreign competition.
  • Its industry is negatively impacted by governmental policies, controls, or pricing.


A company with low turnover in management and a solid second-tier management team comprised of different age levels is also worth more.

Specialized Services

As seasoned brokers we offer our service we offer to selected people by a mutual agreement to assess the value the market would command if sold. A number of components are employed to derive a value. For example: Comparable properties sold, current in the market, under contract and various city and state guidelines to operate.

The recent recession and real estate market volatility have created both problems and opportunities for investors, lenders, and users of all property types. Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC has created a solutions-based approach to such issues, including:

Distressed property expertise

Working for owners facing foreclosure, and with owners or lenders who may need to take an asset back due to performance issues, Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC can analyze the property and recommend an approach to protect and enhance value.

Asset valuations

Thanks to our extensive experience leasing, managing, buying, selling, and developing properties throughout Texas and the surrounding region, Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC is able to provide broker opinions of value and make strategic recommendations regarding value enhancement.

Customized market and financial due diligence

Competitive studies, demand trends, financial modeling, and other specialized research and reporting are available from Eagle Business & Real Estate Brokers LLC experienced professionals – we provide the market knowledge and insight needed to help our clients make informed decisions regarding their real estate assets.

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